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Resize Image

Resize Image

How To use the Resize Image Tool

  • follow these steps:

Upload an Image

Image Size Tool

Image Size Tool

Drop your images here or browse.

Preview Image

        You have two options for uploading an image:

Drag and Drop: Drag the image file from your computer and drop it onto the designated drop area on the web page.

Browse: Click on the drop area or the "Browse" button to open a file dialog. Select the image file if you want to upload from your Mobile Or Computer.

Set Image Size:

        Once the image is uploaded, you can set the desired width and height for the resized image using the input fields labeled "Width" and "Height". By default, the width and height are set to 300 pixels each.


Resize Image:

        After setting the desired dimensions, click on the "Resize Image" button. The tool will process the uploaded image and display a preview of the resized image based on the specified dimensions.

Download Resized Image:

        Once the resized image preview is displayed, you can download the resized image by clicking on the "Download Resized Image" button. This will prompt your browser to download the resized image file to your computer.


Using these steps, you can easily upload images, resize them to your desired dimensions, and download the resized images using the Image Size Tool.